exported track distorted


I just recorded 17 droney tracks, which I all exported for the “sound collage work”. However, the last track has a lot of distrortion in it, and I don’t have any idea why it went like that. I exported it like I did with all the other tracks. The original recording sound, which I made with VST instruments & effects, doesn’t have distortion at all… so it all comes while exporting. I already lowered down the gain, so the distortion cannot come from that, it must be something else.

I pasted the exported track to my Main collage track, and the distortion was there too (so cannot say the distortion comes from some other sound player)…

Any advices?

I found this distortion was connected to FreeAmp25 vst effect. First the track plays nicely, but while exporting I see in Mixer that the volume is jumping too high. And after export the track sounds distorted even on that original project. Only option was to cut off totally the vst, and after the exporting went fine… but I lost the effects.