Exported tracks are silent, no sound at all!


As the title suggests I get no sound from the files I export from Cubase and I want to fix this.
I tried to see other/older posts regarding this topic, however none of them helped me out yet.

These are my specifications

This for my PC

This is the Cubase version I am currently using: Cubase LE AI Elements 12, version 12.0.40 Build 317

Here’s the main screen below

My export settings

And finally the buses settings.

Any help is welcome, thank you in advance!

Can you share the left side of the export settings window … it should be set to locators (rather than markers, e.g.)

I do not have anything on the left. And honestly I don’t know why others have a kind of scheme with the inputs/outputs, I suppose it’s a matter of cubase version.

This is what I see.

When you play your project can you hear the “Halion Sonic SE 01” track in your speakers/ headphones?

Is your “Halion Sonic SE 01” track routed to your stereo out track?

Yes, I do hear the track without any issue.

As for your second question I suppose you are talking about this (picture below)…
HALion Sonic SE track

So it seems to me that it is routed, yes.

This problem usually occurs when the track being exported is left in record enabled mode. Before you export, make sure the track being exported is unselected and is not record enabled and you should have no further issue.

This little guy here?

I’ve disabled that button alongside the monitor button, I’ve just re-tried, but I still export empty tracks.

I’m really trying to figure out wether it is something very weird or it is just me that I’ve messed up something really basic. :confused: :face_with_monocle:

Try rendering the output of the HAlion Sonic part to audio and then export from the newly rendered audio track. That should do it.

If you haven’t fixed this yet … where does the Mix Console show the track getting routed to?

Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been trying to do what you said, but it is new to me and I still couldn’t do that. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
In the following weeks I’ll try to make some more attempts. :robot:

This is what I found in the mix console,
MixConsole Routing

but still I couldn’t export properly. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That looks right.

Can you post the part of that channel the mix console that has the fader on it?

Similarly, can you post a pic of the whole master out fader?

Make sure there are no mutes on, the locators are not reversed (in other words make sure the left locator is earlier than the right one).

Here you have the mix console image.

For your second question I’m not sure I understood what is the master out fader.
Do you mean this one?

I checked the mutes on, and now I’ve made sure also the locators are in the right order. Still, they do not change on the situation.


Now the exported sounds work!!!
Actually all of the previously exported files work… :joy:

What happened is a strange thing that I’ve just realised today randomly.

This is it:
When I open cubase, I can work on it, as usual. The playback is perfect.
However, after I exported the track I always played the newly created file while cubase was still open, and I heard nothing as explained up to now.
This detail is important, because if I play the exported files while Cubase is closed, they work!!!
I can hear them perfectly.

There is another tiny clue that helped me realise this. Whenever I have Cubase open iTunes can’t play music and youtube plays videos without sound, as if they were mute.

Anyway, I want to say thank you to @alexis and @Keyless . :pray:

I still don’t know the reason behind this behaviour. The important thing is that (at least for now :crossed_fingers:) I can export and hear my stuff. :love_you_gesture: