Exporting 5.1 mix as three stereo files

Hi all,

We need to deliver 5.1 mixes in three stereo files per mix for a special application.

We need to deliver many different 5.1 panned fx/atmospheres in three stereo files:

1: L/R
2: Rear L/R
3: Center/LFE

Is there anyway of doing that directly on export without having to split all the channels and then merge different mono files into interleaved stereo files?

Thanks in advance.


Can you possibly use child buses and export from them instead?

hi Mattias thanks for your help

My main concern about using child buses is that if understand correctly would be imposible to make 360 panning as stereo tracks will be assign to child buses directly and will not have surround panner.

Is that correct or I´m missing something?

Thanks a lot.


export 5.1 with split channels selected.
Bring the 6 tracks into a new project.
use convert tracks - mono to multi (ST) to create your Stereo.

Hi Shauli,

That´s exactly what I´m trying to avoid as is not a single mix and I will have to do that many many times.

Any other ideas?

Thanks a lot.

Just make extra outputs that reflect the delivery format and use the Direct Monitoring for routing the correct channels to the correct outputs.

Or route them from the Main output buss sends to the extra output busses.


HI Fredo,

I assume in that manner I will lose my surround panning cause I will end up with three Isolated buses L-R, C-LFE, RL-RR

Never thought about that possibility but it seems that I´m limited by sending all surround bus channels to stereo bus doing downmix (no possiblility of sending just individual surround bus channels) so It will not reflect my actual mix.

Thanks a lot.


Sorry, I must be missing something somewhere…

If you set up child-busses, can’t you route them independently? In other words, if you have a main mix bus, can’t you define child buses within that main and then take signals from them? And wouldn’t the panning have been reflected in that case (though I suppose you might then have to have a bus to a bus, but whatever)…

In other words you do all your mixing and panning as usual and end up with a 5.1 bus. Then either tap its child-busses for signals - or if that’s not possible which is what you were sort of saying (presumably because the child bus would be defined at the input and not post-panner) you could take that final 5.1 and route to yet another 5.1 with child-busses. That second bus should definitely retain the panning created in the preceding bus, no?

IIRC you can’t take a stereo change or bus as a source thus I do not think that would work.
But there are other ways.

Create three 5.1 fx returns (or groups) send your full 5.1 mix to each of them.
Create the three stereo outputs. Route each of the 5.1 mixes to these.
In each 5.1 group use mixer delay to reroute the needed signal pairs to L/R for each output (mute The other channels).
Don’t worry about the downmixing. No level change on L/R.