Exporting a flow, weird behavior in new file

In a particular project with about 20 flows, I need one example excluded from the rest. I export the flow into its own file, and everything seems ok.

I removed all of the page overrides, and am now at a very odd part. I will need the full flow for graphic export, then I will need different sections of the flow for different graphics. My thought was to duplicate the flow 4 times or so, and format each flow as needed to accommodate the measure groupings.

The problem I have, is when duplicate the flow, it does not show up in the full score. I only can see the duplicated flows in the part view. And this is puzzling me a lot.

Does anybody have any idea how to get it to show up in the full score view? Under the layouts, each flow is selected for full score layout.

If it matters, I created this project several years ago, in Dorico 2 I believe, edited it some in Dorico 3 and 3.5


You gotta post it…

Maybe check the music frame in the master page? Is it set to display all flows?

On the money!!!

The master page had a filter in place to not show all of the flows!

Thanks for the help!