Exporting a MIDI File

I realize this will sound pathetic, but is there someone who could walk me through how to export a MIDI file from Cubase 9.5? Every time I try to do it, all I get is a blank file, i.e. nothing in it, no actual MIDI data at all. This is very frustrating, as I have been doing this for over 15 years on other DAWs without problems. The instruction manual has not been any help, and Steinberg tech support is notoriously slow to respond. There must be something simple I’m missing, and I’ll no doubt feel foolish when someone tells me what that is. Thank you all in advance.


Could you describe the steps you do and maybe send some screenshots? It is really straightforward. I don’t believe the description like File > Export > MIDI File would help you.

Do you Export the whole project or between locators (are the locators set)? Any Solo/Mute of the tracks?

Do you use MIDI tracks or Instrument tracks?

How do you know the result is a blank file?