Exporting a selected flow or some selected flows from the context menu in Setup mode?

Dear users and developers,

It would be very convenient if users could export a flow or selected flows directly from the context menu of the bottom panel “Flows” using Setup mode.
It is not an important feature, and I would like to know if there were users who wanted to have this feature.

Not that I’ve ever done it, but I’d be happy with the current method (I’m guessing you’re already familiar?). Personally, it wouldn’t be an advantage to me.

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Yes, I am familiar with that dialogue window, but I am tired of checking and unchecking the flows. So this is why I opened this thread.

I think it would reduce some steps when we do this from the context menu of the flow panel:

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I’m not sure how often most people export flows, but I find the Select All and Select None buttons at the bottom of the export screen make the process relatively easy to select the appropriate flow(s) for export.

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Yes, exporting flow is not a task which I often do.
Hmm, would it be better to change this request as follows?
Exporting any supported formats from the context menu in Setup mode:
How about it if all available Export items under the File menu are accessible from the context menu of the flow panel?