Exporting ADR Cues (or markers) as Midi (for PT+Ediprompt)

Hi everybody!

Does anybody knows an easy way to export ADR Cues as Midi from Nuendo 10? I have been working with Nuendo on a film and thought the ADR will take place with Nuendo. Now I need to be able to do the ADR in Protools with the Ediprompt taker. I know it works with Midi (through EdiCue).

Is there a way to export from Nuendo? I also didn’t find a way to export markers to Protools. I read I could do it as midi but it didn’t work.

Thanks in advance!


yes there are ways to export markers using midi or EdiMarker (free)

only one marker track supported
Only single markers (not cycle markers)
a-z -0-9 supported IIRC (no umlauts)

It still won’t help that much as the Edicue/Ediprompt naming conventions is quite particular. It’s been a long time since I tried it but it is very different to how we do it in Nuendo.
I think your best bet is to get a Edicue trial (or rent it perhaps) I think that way you can export your marker data as csv and reformat on import to EdiCue.

I have done a intermidiate step for PT ADR studios so that we create dummy clips for each character in Nuendo as a AAF. With some extra third party scripting you can even push your marker data to the descriptions on those clips (probably not worth the effort for a single or small jobs, if you see a lot of them in your future it may very well be worth it).
However this is made for studios that DO NOT use EdiCue/EdiPrompt. If they do they have to format the prompts at the studio, I will then supply a csv with the data for them to deal with.