Exporting an ADM in Nuendo 11

Hi all,

apologies if this is a very obvious question but looking online I seem to find two contradicting answers.

I’ve been asked by a record label to do a classical rocording and to attempt to capture in such a way that it can be produced in Dolby Atmos; I have no issue with that part, but I will eventually need to create an Atmos export from Nuendo where I’ll be mixing this.

I’m currently on 10 and I thought that you needed to buy a special rendering unit from Dolby which had a sort of insert into either Pro Tools or Nuendo to enable an atmos mix to be exported as an ADM. Is this the case? If I upgrade to Nuendo 11 will I be able to simply mix in the box and export a (for example) 7.1.4 Dolby ADM file which can then be uploaded to Apple music or similar for distribution/streaming?

Or, do I need to purchase further software/hardware to make these?

Thanks, David

Yes,you can export an Atmos ADM file direct from Nuendo. No need for anything more. There is plenty here about it, look around this forum.

Yes it’s done through the Renderer interface instead of the Export Audio dialog.

My live stream this month will be all about this. 29th March.

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Hi Phil,

that sounds like the kind of live stream I need in my life. Where do I find it and what time is it?

Thanks, Dave

Thanks Dave. Not sure if timing will suit but you can always watch afterwards. And after I’ve edited out all the waffling. Haha.

Thanks for the inspiration.
How to Import and Export Atmos ADM files in Nuendo - YouTube