exporting and importing key commands/macros

Hello there,

I am trying to export custom key commands and macros from one machine and import them to a different machine.
Both machines run Cubase 6. I am able to save presets just fine but cannot figure out how to export key commands and macros presets out to a new machine.
What is the path that those presets are located in?

I’m under OSX.




Thanks so much!!


hmm…still got issues there.

I copied the file from my first machine and tried to import it to the new machine but Cubase 6 doesn’t let me select the file and open it. It does so regardless if I choose “key file” “Macro” etc…

The only difference between the machines is that one of them is LEopard and the other is Snow Leopard.

Any thoughts?


If you place the xml file where it belongs it will appear in the presets drop down in the key commands dialog.

I have no idea what that import function is supposed to do, as far as I can see it does nothing, as the re are no “.key” files.