Exporting as MP3 in LE5

I recently bought a Tascam US-1800 interface that came with Cubase LE5. I have properly registered the program, everything works as far as I know, and I don’t get the message when logging on that it is a trial version. However, when I go to export a mix as an mp3, I get a notice that I only have so many such exports authorized prior to a certain date (30 days from the day I first registered the program). Is this a limit that LE5 has so that you have to upgrade? Or have I somehow not registered correctly?

Only the full Cubase versions have unlimited MP3 export. For lesser versions you need to purchase the MP3 Upgrade patch once your trial license (for MP3) has expired.


Thanks! Good to know it wasn’t something I did!

You could export as wav and use another app to convert to mp3.

There are some freeware ones available.

I am trying to make a Christmas CD. I mixed down the first song and moved it into the burn list on Media player and then tried to do the next song, but when I try to Mixdown the next song it says that “The Disk is too full”. What’s the disk and what am I doing wrong? My other question is I can only hear the recording when it is plugged into the recording interface and when I’m listening through the provided headphones. Do I need to set something differently in my settings to be able to hear it with just the laptop, not plugged into the interface?