Exporting audio for only a trio in a larger ensemble

Exporting the audio for all players in a flow I’ve done many times; but exporting audio from a custom layout for a trio of the six players is not being successful: the entire ensemble’s sounds are exported. I have the custom layout chosen in Write mode; the unwanted players are muted in the mixer in Play mode; and only the 3 players are listed in the Export audio dialog. I don’t want to export the players as separate files; I want to record the trio’s music. Do I need to create a separate flow with just the three players?

No, it really should be sufficient just to be looking at the layout that contains only those three players, then invoke Export Audio with that layout active. What playback device are you using, out of interest?

You asked a pertinent question, Daniel: what playback device am I using? When I double-clicked the newly exported Trio audio file, Apple’s Music apparently played back the previously exported Full Score instead of the new one. When I played it using QuickTime Player, there was the lovely little Trio. Thanks a bunch, as always.

Aha, so you can run into problems here if you double-click the exported audio file, because that will add the file to Apple Music, and copy it into your library, at which point it’s possible to get confused about which file you’re actually playing back: the one you’ve just exported, or the one in the library. Dorico doesn’t help you here because it doesn’t include the layout name in the exported audio file. We are planning to add some more flexibility in how audio files get named in due course.

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