Exporting audio issues

Has anyone else had any issues exporting mult -audio tracks?

I’ve just tried to export around 94 stems for a mixdown in a seperate mix project and I had this error message.

There’s 130Gb space.

I’ve just exported the exact same files in the same format to the exact same location but only this time I used the link feature and only mounted batches of stems at a time, this seems to have worked around the problem.

Whats going on Steinberg?


Reported to Steinberg CAN-32755. Thank you.


As I can see, your project is located in the Desktop/… This folder is a but specific for the permissions. I would recommend to move the project to the C:/Cubase Projects/ folder. Does it work now, please?

I’ve detailed reproduction steps in this thread. Location doesn’t seem to be important for this bug in my tests, but the track count threshold is wildly variable.