Exporting Audio Job

I have a project which i use for mastering, it has 12 tracks where each track has a single wav of the mix for the corresponding single. I can then do all my mastering on each track and also within the context of the album etc.

I then create markers for every single and in the audio mix down added a job for each track to export the mastered wav file using the corresponding cycle marker. This has been great as i could then just kick off the queue export and left my machine to export all of the singles which takes some time.

The problem is i found an issue in one of the mixes and went back and changed it and exported it again. Then opened the mastering project and it reflected the new updated mix, so i then went to export the single as all the mastering had been done but this is where things fell apart. The new job queue will only allow me to kick off the entire queue which in this case would be exporting 12 separate singles, there seems to be no way to disable any job in the queue or select a subset of jobs to export.

This makes the entire job queue process a waste of time unless i want to do everything everytime, does anyone have an alternate suggestions.