exporting audio mixdown issue

Hi all,

Neuendo 5.5, MacPro dual-core Xeon @ 2GHZ, 4 GB ram, Apogee Symphony 64/Symphony I/O, Rosetta 800, Big Ben.

I work mainly as a re-recording mixer for films- the issue I have is when I’ve exported a mixdown (either real-time or not) the head and tail pops ramp up and down. I’m got the tracks with the pop (1khz tone, 1 frame in length) routed only to the stereo out, or in the case of surround, a single 5.1 track assigned only to the 5.1 output, no plug-ins, nothing. Also, there’s 8 seconds of pre-roll before the head pop. Plenty of time.
I changed the volume of the file, the length (extending a few samples either direction) in hopes of getting something useable.

Currently, the Symphony buffer is at 512 samples, which equates to 11.562 ms of latency. I’ve lower the buffer to 128 samples, no difference. Which shouldn’t matter anyhow on an export, correct?

Once I’ve exported a mix and bring it back into the project, what I have is a ramped-up looking 2 pop, not quite a frame in length.

Michael Gandsey

I’ve seen this in Pro Tools as well.

I would investigate RAISING the buffer size rather than the opposite, and also look into delay compensation as well as automation.

A bit weird though, I agree.

Thanks for the tip. Will also look at delay compensation. Spent some time last evening and found something else that is bothersome. I recorded a 6 channel .wav on my Sound Devices 788T @ -12 (30 sec. or so) imported the file into Neuendo
onto a single 5.1 channel, bussed directly to the 5.1 output- no group. Exported a mixdown (both realtime and bounce-style). Imported back into Neuendo and the file is not the same amplitude! A couple of DB hotter.
I’ve never noticed any difference in mix volume when I import a mix to QC it against the project, but honestly I can’t see that it wouldn’t be, considering the test I did last night.
This is much more problematic than a mis-formed 2 pop.
I will try an old school real-time mix out to the 788T via the Symphony and see how that looks.
It’s not clear to me how a exported mixdown could be so far off- and, this is a project that was created from scratch, the only thing in it is a single 5.1 channel with a file of 1KHZ tone @ -12.

A question regarding the ramped 2-pop - is there automation on that track that ramps opens and closes the track?

Nope. I’d love to send out a screenshot of what’s going on, if someone is interested in detective work.

Odd. We’ve used 2-pops a lot along with other quick signals (fast sync pulses and the like) and haven’t had that problem. Good luck and if you find something let us know.


Browse the Nuendo 6 section for info on mismatching levels. There was a thread about a problem with Control Room, and while I understand that that isn’t what appears to be the issue it’s probably wise to read through it just in case.

And I take it you haven’t duplicated a signal to an output, right?

Hey L,
Thanks- will check out the N6 info on levels.
As far as duplicated signals, don’t think so- will double check.
Control room disabled completely. However, the level increase would point to a duplicated signal.

OK, operator error on the mismatched level issue. Placed the imported file onto the same track, rather than a new track.
Levels are spot on.
Still leaves the mystery of the head/tail pop anomaly. Moving to N6 after I get a couple of projects out the door- see what happens there.