Exporting audio mixdown problem

Hi All,

I Exported a mix several ways today, with the same results. After importing back into the project, the file’s amplitude is much larger that the actual export- in other words, my mix is coming back much hotter that it was output. In the order of 15 db hotter.

I’ve tried various settings to no avail.

However, If I open a new project and import the file, all is good.

How are you verifying that it’s ~15dB over? Is it a case of simply having the waveforms vertically zoomed in so it looks louder than it actually is?

Ok, just to be sure you’re not missing something… uhm… “obvious”: You don’t have any plugins in the signal path, like multiband compressors, limiters or maximizers, right? I mean, like nothing on the master or in the monitoring path, that is activated both on export and then when you’ve imported the file and are playing it again…?

Likely and Lydiot,

I’m not too concerned that the file is actually 15 db hotter- it is a function of the waveform getting vertically zoomed upon import, as Likelystory suggests.

I’ve verified by opening the file in a clean project that it’s OK, and the waveform appears correct.
It’s troublesome that the file looks wrong upon import- the amplitude is zoomed to practically maximum.

Not the obvious, such as Lydiot’s question as to forgetting to bypass a plug-in on the master, it’s the file that seems to importing with a mis-represented waveform.

Maybe a corrupted project?

Ok. Well for the sake of clarity I think it’s more correct to say that the amplitude of the audio remains the same but the waveform is an inaccurate representation.

If I remember correctly there’s a way to reset the waveforms as displayed. It may be that you have to delete a file or something (I’m not in front of my Nuendo computer now). Perhaps “wave cashe” or something like that? Search for it and try it.

Well, crap. Mix bus not at unity gain, thusly the problem solved.
Thanks. My headstone shall read: ‘Death by operator error’.