Exporting audio not loud in pro 8, Master L-R out buss?

Hi guys I need some info and hoping somebody here can help me out. I’m using Cubase 8 and I’ve layed down my tracks, got a mix, hot volumes per channel and then exported my project first in wav format, listen to the audio playback through the same speakers and final master cut the volume was very low so I exported as a mp3 and the same results. When I listen to my project before exporting it the volume is hot and great volume playback. I was told the reason is, I did not create/assign a stereo left-right “main out” master buss on my cubase mixer, I guess like what you’d see on a actual board, channel volume sliders & main L-R main out sliders. If this correct in order to boost the gain output to increase the overall volume in a final mix when exporting what is the process in steps. I’ve searched on you tube but I couldn’t find anything to help me with this issue. If this is correct in my error can somebody tell me the steps of how to setup a master L-R out master buss & assigning each track to it. If the info I explained about a master out buss was wrong I don’t know what I’ll do to get my exported mix louder. Experts please help me out. Thank you from foxylady1987

If you heard it in Cubase, then you already have a ‘main out’ buss.

I am just going to guess here that the media player you are playing back the exported file on does not have the same level output as Cubase. Or…

Now since you don’t know if you have a master out then you surely have not attempted any type of limiting to the final output level. You mentioned ‘hot volumes per channel’. That is not the way to go with any recording software DAW.

So that leads me to believe that you are comparing the volume of your exported mix to other commercial ‘mastered’ products/songs. That will not be the same unless you make the final output of your mix close to those. That usually involves some basic understanding of how to get there. At the very least by controlling the level of the main out. Then use of compression or limiting on that master out.

So what I recommend you do if first make sure the media player you are playing your mixes on has it’s volume turned up. Then compare volume of other ‘mastered’ mixes. Then take some time to research how to get to that volume.

‘Mastering’ or ‘Final Mix Loudness’ may be good keywords to use for Google search.

Best to you. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help. I guess what I was meaning on “hot” my recording level and playback level is good, not a weak signal. I watched a you tube video on setting up a main reverb effect buss where I can route what channels I want to the buss created for overall level, I guess that’s what I was asking does the same needs to be applied to a routing main left-right main routing output buss. My windows media player volume is all the way up that’s why I was concerned about the volume difference and someone had told me I needed a main left-right slider to increase the output level. Thank you for helping and replying…

Playback level in Cubase? What are you understanding as a ‘weak signal’? These details are very important to clarify for another to understand. What are your recording peak and average levels in Cubase?

You can create an FX Channel with a reverb plugin 'Insert’ed to it, and then ‘Send’ individual tracks to it. That will result in those having more of that effect. That FX channel by default will be sent to your main output bus.

I suppose I am just not understanding the question. :frowning:

Please know that I am totally trying to help. Just need more clarification in order to understand what you are looking for. :slight_smile:

Sorry if I’m not explaining correctly. I was told when recording try to stay around -6 db saving from any clipping, that’s what I was meaning staying away from a weak signal, trying to keep it hot enough without any clipping. As far as FX insert routing I’ve gotten that taken care of. from 18 years I’ve come from old school 16 track fostex d80 recorders with a mackie ce1604 to this cubase. So far I’ve accomplished recording all instruments,vocals adding eq and effects. Just trying to match the same exported music file “wav or mp3” in volume as what I heard playing back within my cubase project. So sorry for any inconvenience, I’m basically new here and trying to explain in detail as much as I can to save any confusion or non-understanding . Thank you though for your kindness and help…

" I was told when recording try to stay around -6 db saving from any clipping"


not necessary to be as hot as possible on input!
There is no need to worry about recording level in the digital realm!
All you need to do is to be above the noise floor of your input chain (microphone, cables, preamps, etc)
I, for one, prefer my recording levels to land in the -18dB to -12dB range which usually puts me right on the sweet spot of my digital chain. It will also allow your end product to be more dynamic (have excellent clarity and punch).

As for mixing and loudness… well that’s the art-form we all work on right there!

Only on the rarest occasions will any newbie painter pick up a brush and turn out a masterpiece!
The same holds true for excellent quality sound creation!

It takes much (much much) practice and even beyond that it takes a full understanding of exactly what each tool in the software (or slider or knob on the analog gear) you are using does.

YouTube is probably a good place for you to start - but don’t expect to deliver a quality product on your first try!
You’re still going to have to master the tools you use before you’ll create a quality music master!
Good starting places are
the Steinberg Channel, ClubCubase Channel, Westlake Pro Channel, ADSR Channel, Green Music Productions Channel
and the GROOVE3.com website for paid tuts.

In short, there’s no short answers and no shortcuts ! :frowning:
Even though software will get you to a quality end-product faster than analog ever did, you’re still going to have to really know your tools to get the quality you want.

For now, until you get to fully know your tools, feel free to load a Maximizer and Brickwall Limiter onto your Stereo Out inserts and hit them hard.

Then go back, practice, watch, study, read and work on how to make your mix sound great.

for one, prefer my recording levels to land in the -18dB to -12dB range which usually puts me right on the sweet spot of my digital chain. It will also allow your end product to be more dynamic (have excellent clarity and punch).

I think it’s important to clarify you are talking about RMS rather than peak here. If the OP is using -6 peak then probably they are around these levels already.

Foxy. First thing you need to do is confirm whether the level of the exported mix really is lower than in Cubase…so import back to Cubase on a new track and solo it and see if it seems quieter played back from there.

In my experience Cubase output isn’t particularly hotter than media players (unless you have them turned down.)

Great! Thanks to all for helping me and giving me alot of great advise. I know this is something I’m not going to master overnight. But with almost 20 years of recording of my analog system and getting good cd masters, my ear for a final mix is there, just learning the ins and outs of Cubase to achieve it. I appreciate all the advise given. Maybe a time down the road I may come upon a stumbling block and hope I can get helpful advise then as I have now. Thanks a bunch!

If you have experience then it may just be the Pro configuration that is throwing you off.

Maybe if you can answer a few questions we can find out what is happening on your setup?

Have you checked the Control Panel for your audio interface to ensure all output levels are at 0dB?

Are you using the Control Room for your monitoring connections in the VST Connections/studio tab in Pro?
If you are, Check the output level on the Main section knob in the VST Control room mixer as well.
Are you also pulling down the Master fader on your 2ch Stereo out or is it at 0dB?
When you are exporting your mix down are you selecting the 2ch Stereo Out in the Channel Selection list on the left?

Are you attempting to mix and master all in the same go?
Meaning… Output a finished master right from your mix (as we sometimes do in EDM genres)
Or are you doing a mix down and then going back to the mix down file with a new project and mastering?