Exporting Audio of Groups of Instruments

Is there a way to export groups of instruments all at once? This used to be the behavior, but it looks like as of the last update (4.2) it stopped working.

For example, if I have a full orchestral cue and I want to just export the brass section on its own, I used to be able to select just the brass instruments in “Write” mode, then Export > Audio and select the format. It works this way when you’re playing it back now in the file, so audio exporting would just mirror that behavior. With the latest update it seems like it includes all the instruments regardless of what’s selected, and the only option to get an orchestral section (or custom group of instruments) is to either suppress playback for everything else, or export the instruments individually and combine them later.

If it helps, I’m on Dorico on Mac using NotePerformer. Appreciate your help - if this was removed on purpose, please consider bringing it back as an option, it was helpful!

Maybe if you create a new layout with the instruments you want to export, and export from that, then it will work.