Exporting audio of tracks that's not in "Full Score" (Sort of a bug report?)

So I’m working on a Big Band score, and for me it’s very convenient to have one condensed horns part on the “Full Score” layout, and I made my own “Big Band” layout for the individual instruments, so I don’t need to see 13 different instruments on my “Full Score” layout.
So far so good - Dorico does a fantastic job managing and creating different layouts.

The thing is, when I want to export the Big Band layout as audio, I found out it’s impossible.
So I wanted to export each instrument individually so I could import them to a DAW, but Dorico exported only silence.
After trial and error, I figured out that Dorico doesn’t export audio of instruments that do not appear in the Full Score layout.
So I had to add all of my instruments to the Full Score layout, export audio, remove said instruments from the Full Score layout, import exported audio to a DAW and than exporting from the DAW - just so I could export my layout as audio.

I there’s a better way to do it - please inform me. And if not, please consider adding an option to export a specific layout, that’s a very needed option.

(Also, if I’m already complaining, the option to automatically export separate PDFs for every flow. Thanks!)

Thanks again for Daniel and the whole Dorico team! You guys are the best :slight_smile:

Audio is exported from the full score layout that appears highest in the right panel of Setup mode. There’s nothing preventing you from having multiple full score layouts, though.

So, from Setup mode, it’s one click to press the Create Full Score Layout button, a click and drag to shunt it up to the top, and then a few clicks to deal with the Export Audio dialog.

For your “ps” about exporting individual flows separately to PDF - search the forum for this, there have been a fair few discussions about it that might be of interest. Essentially, with the ability to allow flows to start on the same page as a previous flow, and to show flows multiple times in the same layout in different frame chains, this can get quite complicated. Setting page ranges could work in the meantime.

Oh! I though it’d export only the “Original” full score. That’s good to know.
Even so, I think these features are essential but the workflow in Dorico, even more than micro-tonal notation.
But that’s just my opinion, suited for my needs :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the help!

You’re right, I did not think about the complexity of this aspect, but it just gets me so frustrated :sob:

Working on a big band project with 15 flows, having to manually set the page range every flow for 20 different instruments… that is a lot of work that I wish was saves for me.
If you can export all flows to separate Dorico projects in one click, I’m sure there’s some way to export them automatically.

Anyway, I know you are fully aware of this problem and I really hope it will be solved in the near future. Thanks again for the quick answer and the kind concern. Have a nice day!

If you’re prepared to lose any layout work you’ve done, you’ve already got the solution: export all the flows as separate projects, then open and print/export PDFs from the separate projects.
That is the caveat, though: exported/imported projects lose their layout data.

Alternatively, have a separate part for each instrument for each flow all in one project. There’s no limit to the number of layouts you can have, or the flows that must be assigned - it probably could get unruly for 15 flows and 20 instruments (20 parts for each flow), but in a smaller project it’s worth considering. If you are unlikely to want or need to have a single, continuous part printed as a booklet with all the flows in anyway, having each piece as a separate project is probably a fine option.

It seems the easiest course would be to print the PDF score whole, with each flow starting on a new page (leaving out page numbers if one wishes), and then split the score (and add pages) in a PDF program.