Exporting Audio Takes Forever

Is there some arcane reason that Dorico takes so long to export audio? On Finale it was relatively straightforward and fast. I am trying to export a very short and not complex file and it is taking an incredibly long time…I am following the instructions provided in “Help”.

Define “very short” and “incredibly long”.

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Very Short - 30 secs or less
Incredibly Long - nearly 45 mins, and then the audio does not have any information…
Clear enough?

It’s certainly not the expected behavior… It can take a while with heavy libraries, but the result is then always audible (and often quite beautiful, when the notated music is).
I guess you will need to post at least some diagnostic files to receive proper help from the Team.

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Further update:
I exported the file as an XML, opened with Finale, removed the strange and wonderful low notes that seem to show up with these transfers, exported that result from Finale - 9 secs to AIFF file, another 15 secs to convert to mp3, and sent it off. There is something seriously wrong if the process in Dorico takes so long and does not yield a usable result, I fully accept the fact that I am not the most knowledgeable Dorico user, yet I followed the instructions in Dorico Help to the letter. If there are other options, I am open.

I am now working on Dorico 4. I purchased D5 as soon as it came out, but have found it unusable with Cubase. As soon as I open either one with the other open, the audio engine rolls over and dies. The only recourse so far is to restart the computer, and NOT use D5. Somewhat frustrating…

My first advice is still valid…
What you are experiencing is not normal, something has to be done but the Team will need some help.

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I will attempt to draw together some data

Help menu>Create diagnostic report should be a good start :wink:

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If you do in Dorico on the program menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report then that will produce a zip file on your Desktop which will contain pretty much everything that we need from you. That includes log files from the last 10 runs, crash dumps and much more. So if you upload such Dorico Diagnostics file to a reply here, that should be sufficient for the moment. Thanks

Thanks, I will! For both versions