Exporting audio to desktop

Destination folder exceeds the pathlength of the operating system. I get this when exporting audio! I’m on a PC with v 4. 3. 0. 1110. Where am I going wrong? Don’t remember this on old 3. 5.

The path length depends on the root folder where you export to plus the project file name plus the folder structure that Dorico creates. So if the root folder of your export is already quite deep, then with a relative long project name, you easily hit the OS’s path length limit.
Try to set the export root folder somewhere else, more closer to the root of the hard drive.
Do you understand what I’m meaning?

From what I gather, Windows file paths can only be 260 characters long!

What the others are suggesting here about file name lenghth is probably correct. I export mp3 files from Dorico 4 to my desktop all the time on my windows 10 PC. Never had an issue.

File name too long, [76 characters]. Reduced size of file name, all OK now. Thanks all for the input