Exporting Audio- Tracks not exporting and then disappear

This is a very weird one, just started today and it’s now happening on all of my files I’m trying to export.

When I’m in write mode, I hear everything fine, all of the parts play back as they should. I can hear each note as I input it and if I select a single note it plays.

The issue is when I go to export the audio, like I’ve done 100’s of times. All of a sudden it only exports the percussion parts and does not export the wind parts. Furthermore, when I go into play mode the wind tracks have somehow disappeared.

I have gone so far as to uninstall and reinstall Dorico 4. I even tried to move it to a different computer and try it there and I’m running into the same issue.

At this point I am completely lost. Any help would be amazing as I am under some strict deadlines and need to export out audio for approval.

AVHS NEW Fall 2022.dorico (3.9 MB)

Solved, thank you John Barron. Have to make sure that in Setup mode the layout you want to export is at the top of the list.

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