Exporting audio troubles

Hi Cubasers,
it’s me Emitremmus.

I’m a guitarist (mainly) so I used to record my session on Cubase 6 with Guitar Rig 4 by Native Instruments and Steinberg Amp Emulator (the plugin inside C6). Well, everything works nice. Generally my Guitar is tuned Standard, but when at the end of a session I export a mixing (in .wav or .mp3), the entire song (I mean all the audio tracks presents on, not the midi lines) are automatically shifted 2 semitones (1 tone) down without I have used the Pitch Shift function, while if I play in Cubase is all okay.

Another thing happen with the export is that the tempo (bpm) isn’t respected, .wav and .mp3 are more slow respect the C6 project, but again if I play in Cubase the tempo is right.

Can you tell me why? Anyone has this kind of issue?

It’s weird, I don’t think to wrong some passage.
Thanks to all.

Sample rate issue.

Hi dear.

Well in C6 I use 44.1 KHz @ 16 bit, so I export .wav with this setup… but I saw that my external audio card was setting to 48 KHz.

Is better if I set 48 KHz through Cubase 6 converting the recording sounds or I have to modify the input signal of the audio card to 44.1 KHz ?

Thanks for the infos.

PS: M-Audio Fast Track Pro and MacBook Pro

Damn, seems that my audio card works only @ 48KHz if setted to 16 bit… :confused:

Okay I’ve set 48KHz from the project on Cubase6 that was 44.1 (written in orange color… so now I understand this caution) and all sounds perfectly.

Thanks mashedmitten to have guided me in the right way. :slight_smile: lol

Don’t forget dither when going from 48 to 44.1. :sunglasses:

Yep you’re right, but I can’t found it on Export Mixdown…

I come from Propellerheads Record that ask for dithering when I export at the and of the mixing workflow, and with Cubase 6 it’s a little bit difficult find everything handly :slight_smile:

It’s a plug you have to insert on the Master bus, slots 7 or 8.

I think with UV22 insert, can do that.


Eh!, should that not be 24 to 16 ?

Doh! :imp: That was a brain fart. :laughing: