Exporting backing tracks production

Hi, this is probably more a production question, but any help is appreciated. I’m creating backing tracks, primarily drums (halion) and bass guitar (midi with eurobass instrument in kontakt). The backing tracks sound great as the original files halion and midi, but when I export them as a wave file regardless of sample rate etc, they lose a lot of quality and don’t sound even close to the quality of the original file. What is the best way to export these so as not to lose quality and so that they can be added to a play list?


In general, the exported audio sounds the very same, as the playback.

Do you listen the exported file via the very same Audio Device, speakers/headphones? What player do you use? Is there any EQ setup in the player?

Only if it’s exported into a lossless file format.

Can you send us a screen shot of the export settings to get an idea what could reduce the quality?

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Same player for both the exported and original file. Playing them through a P.A. So play the Cubase midi file, the exported file is then imported into a cubase playlist with no processing.

I’m not sure what a lossless file format is(?) I need to import the exported file back into cubase which is where i manage my playlist.

you mix your stereo signals together to mono


As mentioned… Here, disable the Mono Downmix option, please.

What are your project settings?
32bit/192kHz is not needed for PA use…
change this to 24bit and 48kHz would make your files much smaller

My P.A. is an inline speaker array, what is the benefit of a stereo mixdown if there is no left and right? Apologies for the silly questions.

If your mix is stereo it will eventually change it’s sound in mono… check the mono compatibility…