Exporting chopped samples in Cubase 6.5

Is it possible to slice 4 tracks at the same time(group edit) create regions and then export those chopped up pieces as individual wav. files?

Actually there is a way. I read your post yesterday and started wondering about it myself. Here’s a macro I was able to come up with. Even though it doesn’t consist of the most elegant actions due to either my limited knowledge or to Cubase limitations, nevertheless it seems to work.

Suppose you have a project consisting of four tracks only and you’d like to automatically slice the events on those tracks at hitpoints and export them as separate audio files. Set up the following macro:

  1. Edit - Select All
  2. Transport - Locators to Selection
  3. Transport - To Right Locator
  4. Hitpoints - Divide Audio Events at Hitpoints
  5. Audio Realtime Processing - Flatten Realtime Processing
  6. Audio - Find Selected in Pool
  7. Media - Insert into Project at Cursor
  8. Windows - Close All
  9. Edit - Select in Loop
  10. Edit - Delete Time

IMPORTANT: This macro will require you to interfere three times to make an appropriate choice:
1st - “Flatten Realtime Processing” window will open with “Realtime” algorithm set by default. Just Press “OK”.
2nd - The Pool window will open and a dialogue popup window will ask you: “Insert objects on one track or insert each on different track?” Click on “Different Tracks” button.
3rd (ATTENTION!)- “Do you want to save this project” dialogue window will popup. Press “Cancel”, unless you want to lose your work.

This will create slices, make them separate audio files in the pool, put the cursor after the initial selection in the project window, place the slices onto different tracks to the right of the cursor in the project window, select measures with your initial audio files to the left of the cursor and delete them, leaving you with the slices on different tracks only.

Then you can manually select all (Ctrl+A), set locators to selection (P) open, export audio mixdown and channel batch export as usual.

You are right if actions 5 and 8 seem strange to you. In 5 “Flatten Realtime Audio Processing” was the only command I was able to find that converts all audio slices into separate audio files in the pool.
In 8 I had to resort to “Close all windows” for the subsequent actions to work as there seems to be absolutely no way of either closing or switching the focus from the pool window.

The last thing. If you prefer to slice the events manually instead of slicing them at hitpoints, just exclude action 4 from the macro.

thanks el-russo the flatten step was my missing link! Funny that it is obvious AFTER you know the answer. :laughing:

I don´t know the C6 group edit, but

  • Slice the files
  • Right click → “Advanced” → “Event or range as region”
  • Open pool - select sliced regions → Right click → “bounce selection”
  • select save location
    Not using “export” though if that´s really necessary for what you want to do.

Well, this one was particularly hard to guess without a strong hallucinogen. I found it by trial and error, read the manual, yet wasn’t sure and only when I saw the event I applied it to null against itself in an unprocessed state, then I decided it could be used for bouncing the chopped events. :laughing:

Re: thinkingcap

Absolutely, thinkingcap. What you suggest will work just fine. It’s just that I was curious how much it was possible to automate the process.

Thanksel-russo; I could READ what you wrote but didn’t understand half of it :nerd: It’s easy to chop with the slicer,but I need to zoom in and then everything gets a bit deeper/complicated.
Would you be able to make a video screencapture?
I kinda have a “wanted” request out if anyone show me they get some $ :smiley:

Thanks thinkingcap… But…

Can’t see bounce selection here:


Can’t see anything on advanced here:


And no it doesn’t matter how I export as long as I can save individual chopped up WAV.'s


Obviously if you want to edit on or more audio files, you need to select them. Or at least keep the mouse in the audio file area, instead of the track list

Ok it works thinkingcap.
But curious how to do it when I’m inside advance editing(all zoomed in)
Is there a way to do this WITHOUT keeping the space in between the chunks? Without deleting them one by one.

Sorry, I don´t think I understand, what you´re asking :question:

I wanna do this is cubase:

Make individual regions of slices without having to delete the dead space in between. I’m cutting up a whole track of recorded instruments for sample use. So I need to cut chunks,but don’t need the audio in between. Just want to save all the sliced pieces.

-mark on the left of the sample,mark on the right.makes region,and when it’s all it saves those regions to wav. without the necessity to cut anything in between…It only takes what’s inside the hitpoints/regions.

Ah, Ok.
I don´t think it works exactly that way in Cubase. I think that kind of thing is easier done in wavelab, where IIRC you can set markers, and just select the audio in between and (IIRC) create a new file directly.
Cubase has a “detect silence” function, that deletes silence to a threshold you can define yourself, so only the chunks that contain audio above the threshold remain, which can then be treated as outlined above (don´t know how well this works with the group editing capabilities of C6 though).
One more drawback though: Fades done with the fade handles in the project window are not included when “bouncing audio” from the pool :smiling_imp: . Don´t understand why, especially since they are included when bouncing audio in the project window. That is for C5 maybe (hopefully) they changed it in C6.

Ok cool. Well I’m on Cubase 5 right now.It’s probably doable but I have a hard time consentrating,I have CFS. Hard to read and execute. And I can’t watch my cubase tut dvd rom videos cause windows 7 can’t play quicktime.

upon double clicking on a audio track…how do you make chunks of regions there?

Here the solution (working with Cubase 7, but it should work with Cubase 6/6.5):

01- create a folder track and move the tracks into the this folder
02- select “group editing” (the = icon) to keep all the tracks locked to each other. if not required a multitrack editing, just work on a normal single track (in this case, it does not need to create a folder track)
03- create your hitpoints and slices
04- in the sample editor click on “create regions from hitpoints”
05- close the sample editor and open the pool
06- locate the audio file you are working on and expand its view (click on +), you’ll see a list of the created regions
07- select one or more regions you want to export (use keyboard shift or ctrl keys for multiple selection)
08- use the function “bounce selection” in the audio menu
09- you’ll be asked to locate or create a folder, then click ok
10- you have now each single region (which identifies a single slice) as a single wav file

PS: Dear Steinberg, I called (by international phone call) your support center, asking to the guy there if there was a solution to this topic here longtime posted (export slices into single wave files). Your guy answered me “no, it is not possible yet!” - Therefore I’ve found the solution (here shared) by myself. The question is: why you Steinberg are paying such people if 75% of times I call they do not know nothing but just the easiest and basic things that the stones know as well? Moreover, it should be nice and useful if you (Steinberg) look at this forum sometime, helping who (we customers), is paying your products since 20+ years (just yesterday I updated to Cubase 7), and please employ some useful and ready people in your offices! Thanks for your understanding.

re: " there seems to be absolutely no way of either closing or switching the focus from the pool window."

–when i execute the keycommand for ‘open pool’ twice (whether by hand or inside a macro), the pool opens /closes (so it will ‘lose focus’), am i missing something?

–alas, the events don’t seem to produce individual files using your ‘flatten realtime processing’ move (perhaps because there is no realtime processing if you’re taking plain audio chopped at hitpoints? if i execute these commands manually, the flatten option within the sample editor would be unavailable too, as i am not really doing any warping that i could flatten with it).