Exporting Chord Symbols In Dorico To A Chord Track In Cubase

I’m pretty new to both Dorico and Cubase. One thing that make me choose Cubase over any other DAW is the Chord Track. I spend a lot of time before every project entering all the chords in Cubase. Since I’m anyways doing a lead sheet in Dorico before any project that im doing in Cubase, I’d love to know if there is anyway that i could somehow bring in the Chords from my lead sheet written in dorico to a chord track in cubase so i don’t have to enter it manually. This will be a huge time saver for me…


I’m afraid there’s no good way to do this right now, but it’s definitely something that we intend to make possible as we work on bringing Dorico and Cubase closer together.


I’m really interested in this, too!

Right now I find it much easier to input chords in Dorico, but I love the scale feature of Cubase for playing solos.

Currently that means I have to input the chords twice for everything, which is not very comfortable.

Any idea as to when this might be possible?

I’m afraid there’s no update on this, @neun34tel, but it remains something we are considering as we think about bringing Dorico and Cubase closer together.

+1 for that.
As someone who would like to make mocks for arrangements that include rhythm section players, being able to sync the chords from my Cubase’s mockup to Dorico will be incredible help.