exporting click track to your mix

Hi All,

After reading numerous threads and watching several videos, I wanted to provide a somewhat easy solution to this common problem that doesn’t have too much of a workaround. There seems to be a lot of confusion as to how to do this a simple way and here’s what I managed to do successfully so my audio mix has a tempo click for drummer to work off of.

You need:

  1. A mixing board with audio inputs (auxiliary or empty channels) that match your output on your computer. In this case I’m using the headphone output on my laptop which is a 3.5mm stereo jack.
  2. A mono or stereo cable to go from your computer to your mixing board. In this case I"m using a 3.5mm stereo male to stereo male cable into a Y splitter (Y) 3.5mm female to P10 L+R males.

If you don’t have a mixing board with the following options, I can’t help you, sorry.

My recording setup is essentially a Behringer XENYX QX1204usb which has 8 inputs for instruments and other devices. This is all sent to my laptop via usb cable. With this particular mixing board there are 2 channels (5-6 and 7-8) that have mono and stereo (L+R) P10 inputs. I have a 3.5mm female splitter that goes 3.5mm IN and splits to P10 mono male out L+R for a stereo input to my mixing board. It’s essentially just a Y splitter, the bottom of the Y being the female 3.5mm input and the top of the Y being the P10 left and right outputs that run into my board.

So I run a male > male 3.5mm stereo out cable to that splitter on my mixing board and then use the headphone jack with headphones on my mixing board to hear what I’m doing. That OUTPUT from PC to INPUT on MIXING BOARD is the KEY to this workaround. Essentially you are recording what your PC is rendering, doesn’t matter it is, as an audio track to your mix.

In Cubase add a blank audio track. Can be mono, stereo, doesn’t matter. Set your metronome to whatever you want, notes, clicks, doesn’t matter. In my case I muted ALL of my other audio tracks that I had recorded so I could only hear and see that particular click track. Hit record and make sure the metronome is enabled. Make whatever adjustments necessary on that channel of your mixing board, volume, eq, etc., and let that click track run to the end of your mix. DONE. Turn off the metronome and play that mix back and your click track should now be rendered as an audio track in your mix. Unmute all of your previously recorded tracks and you should now have a tempo click track embedded in your mix. Like I said, make whatever adjustments you need on your mixing board to make sure the click track is loud enough in your overall mix.

Again, in summary, it’s as follows:

  • Audio cable out from PC in to MIXING BOARD on an empty (available channel)
  • Create a blank audio track in your project.
  • Mute all other tracks in your mix and focus on the click track to mix it the way you want.
  • Hit Record and record that click track all the way through your mix from beginning to end.
  • Mix it down to mp3 or wav and send it to your drummer. In my case I added an extra 8 count of clicks at the beginning so he knew exactly where to come in. For that I just mixed my entire project down to .wav, created a new project, recorded an 8 count of clicks and added my mix after. Mixed it all down to mp3 and sent it to him.

I hope this helps someone somewhere who is frustrated with all the workarounds figure this out. It’s essentially just adding an audio track to your mix of what your computer is playing back which in this case is your tempo track. Without a mixing board I have no idea how to do this because you need a soundcard on your PC that can render a midi track as clicks. It’s easier to run it all through a mixing board imo.



Why you don’t use the Render Audio Click between Locators function from the Signature track?

Just to add – with Click Patterns, it is possible to render many different patterns. This may be useful. For example, a song is in 12/8 – it may be useful to give a player a click pattern in 12/8 rather than 4/4. The Rendering of Click Patterns is a great Cubase feature. One that should likely be given more attention by users, including me.

Too simple…

I understand that you found a workaround you wanna share, and help others and it is very nice from you BUT not knowing the software you are working with, can lead other forum members to wrong directions.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not offensive.
Just a search in the forum or/and read the manual=maybe better answers.

Yeah its a great feature now that you just can render you click to audio or MIDI so fastly & easy. Really like that in C10. Dont Think it was there in 9.5 but I’m might be wrong on that one…


hi. sorry for newb question, but 10.5 elements does not appear to have a signature track option under projects? as such, I can’t find a way to export a click without programming a midi drum track. the patch cable seems to be the quicker solution.

unless i’m missing something? thanks.

Hi and welcome @trk,

You are right. Regarding to Compare Cubase editions chart, Cubase Elements doesn’t have Signature track and also just a basic Metronome. Cubase Artist the lowest edition, where you can do this.