exporting creates a couple of ms silence at the start

When I export audio, Cubase adds a short silence to the start. Is there a way to switch that off as I am creating loops and do not want to have to go into an external editor to get rid of that silence as Cubase should not add it. It makes the loop longer than it should be which is baaad!

Many thanks in advance and hope someone knows the answer, if there is one?!

Turn off Snap and set the locator to the exact start of the desired loop.

Might want to post an exact repro and screenshots if that doesn’t sort it, could be a lot of other things.

The left locator is precisely on 0, not before, and the first audio sound is also on 0. There is a certain few ms added to the beginning. If someone can, could you check this also on your system… shame tech support is shut :ugeek:

… and it’s self explanatory so not sure where pictures will be useful tbh. Once exported there is a gap of silence. It’s simply odd. Wondering if there is a setting I am overlooking in preferences…? not that I can see

What if you move the sample to bar one and export from there?

Here is a visual link Dropbox - Error

Well, thb, you didn’t mention whether you were chopping a longer file or what so instead of going back and forth with questions, a picture is worth a thousand words. Like I said, it could be many things.

Was that from the second bar? Is delay compensation on or off?

BTW, to post screenshots, PrintScreen, paste to Paint and save as jpeg for Windows.

Can’t find print screen button on my mac keyboard, doh! Thanks for that though.
I think the delay issue lays within going out through ext great theb back in again. I’m using a buffer of 48 though so it’s a bit odd

External gear would explain it.

I guess it means moving up the locators when exporting, unless there’s an easier way around it.?

Moving the Locators wouldn’t work as the delay is caused by the latency of the signal going to outboard gear and back in. Is the audio file the result of exporting MIDI?

Its from my rhodes going in, then out again through various outboard gear/ amps etc to mix etc. Just experimenting really. I got the hang of it now.
Not a problem, though on finalising the Export, I am now moving the locators to compensate.
Thanks for your thoughts

Are you for any chance exporting to mp3? Sometimes a little silence is added when mp3 is used

Nope, it’s indeed a wav. Worked out that it’s due to audio ins and outs… The more I link externally the more the time moves. Simply moving the audio back has done the trick

If you set up your external gear properly in Cubase it should be able to compensate for that latency, but if you switch connections around a lot it’s probably more hassle than it’s worth.

Cubase also adds like 2 or 3 seconds of silence when I try and export an audio file. Why is it doing that?