Exporting Cubase 3 projects into Artist 6

Hi Peoples,

I hope you can help.

I have just purchased a quad core I7 with 16gb Ram Roland quad capture and Cubase artist 6.

I have imported some of my old cubase 3 CPR files onto my new system. They open ok (although the usual cant find this sample etc messages pop up) with all the midi files in the right place and the correct VSTs listed. But for some reason no sound will come out of the project. The levels are going up and down as if something is playing but nothing. I have tried to open a new channel with a new VSt but still nothing.

I am sure its something simple but its beginning to get on my nerves now.

Thanks in advance.

Usually it´s because of changed connections / ports, which are not assigned correctly.

Think I got it in the end. A mixture of wrong busses and VST add ons which I forgot to reinstall!!!

Thanks anyway.