Exporting dynamics/articulations from Dorico into a DAW

Alright folks, I’m onto step two of my Prokofiev BBC SO adventure. Turns out I can’t run 40 instances of BBC SO simultaneously to playback my Prokofiev score :stuck_out_tongue:. So now I’m working in a DAW, and exploring importing Dorico XML into Logic. Since I can freeze tracks or bounce them in place, I’ll eventually be able to get a full playback of all the parts.

Question: Is there a way to export the dynamics/articulation data from Dorico, as automation? When I imported into Logic and open the score editor, it displays the written dynamics. However, it doesn’t appear to transfer any automation data, and thus doesn’t effect playback. When playing in Dorico, Dorico does “pantomime” the BBCSO plugin to play dynamics (using midi CC 1 and 11). But that data doesn’t appear to be exportable.

Beyond that, the articulation/keyswitch data (arco to pizz, etc.) doesn’t transfer over.

I know this is a potentially vast topic, but any help or point in the right direction would be appreciated.

If you export MIDI data from Dorico then will contain the keyswitches and CCs. If you export as MusicXML then these won’t be present.