Exporting Elements 8 files to Elements 9

Could someone help please. I have upgraded from Elements 8 to 9 and now find that my Elements 8 projects, some of which I am still working on, will not open in in Elements 9. This surely cannot be right, am I missing something simple . Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Regards, Mike Neale

Do you have any 32 bit plugins in the projects? That might be part of it but I think they would still open and just have the plugins missing. The projects should be compatible. Can you give more information such as what exactly happen when you try to open?

Thanks Jaslan for the quick reply. I have moved from a MacBook Pro where I had elements 8 to an iMac where I now have elements 9. The project files are on Idrive so are accessible to both computers, when I try to open on elements 9 on the iMac the files are greyed out and will not open, I get a message saying this file is not supported, any ideas?

I don’t know much about MAC but I am pretty sure the projects (.cpr files in both cases I think) should be directly compatible between PC and MAC and C8 and C9. Maybe try saving a new test project from the C8 and opening in C9 to gain some insight.

Download the project to your iMac local drive. Use iDrive for backup, not as a project drive.