Exporting engraving options

Are there plans to add an option for exporting engraving options?

I have certain settings I’ve continued to tweak and change. It’s a lot of menus to wade through! The problem is that I can’t apply these changes to my existing files, including my “templates.” And sometimes I want to make slight changes based on the type of project it is.

I’d love the ability to export all my engraving settings as a library, and import it to an existing document to change the desired settings.

I don’t suppose that importing a flow from one of your templates and then somehow using Propagate would help here, would it?

Thanks Derrek, I hadn’t thought of that. It’s certainly a way to work around it.

I do still like the idea of applying my “engraving options bundle” to any existing file.

You can save as Default and then restore the other documents to those defaults. But of course, you’ll lose any differences that you want to keep.

I do believe there has been a mention of saving “house styles” elsewhere on the thread, they just haven’t implemented it yet. No doubt publishing houses are clamoring for this and we will all benefit from it once it’s implemented. I do think benwiggy’s idea is a decent one in the meantime assuming you haven’t made a whole slew of manual edits on a particular document.

Manual edits, such as Engrave mode moving things, Note Spacing, etc should all stay put: it’s just that if you wanted any Engraving settings to be different from your usual defaults, you’d have to re-apply those settings.