Exporting file

when I try to export cubase project in mp3 format I get the error message insufficient disk space. There is plenty of ram left, what can I do?

Well, “disk” is not “RAM”. Could it be, you´ve got your locators reversed…?

thanks for the suggestion. got plenty of both hd and ram

Probably, but well, I ask again: Are your locators reversed?

You know, if I weren’t in another country I would give you a big mans hug. You legend that has fixed the problem!


Yea, Reversed Locators

Check this video out on reversed locators for
Cubase 3,4,5, http://www.youtube.com/haroldnixon#p/u/4/zqocYuUtme0

PS: I understand that there’s a positive use for Reversed Locators?
Is this right? :question:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: