Exporting Files in Cubase LE 5

When I go to export an audio mixdown as a wav file it only exports about the first 2 seconbds of music. Now what am I doing wrong??

Be sure you are setting your locators correctly. Of course, Cubase only exports the audio inside the locators. :slight_smile:

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Newbie Bob again.

I have exactly the same problem. I read “locators” which I guess is like the tabs on a Word document. So how do I change them?

Again sorry for being a thicky, but really trying to work this out on my own and failing miserably

The locators are the little white flags at the top of the project window in the ruler. The area inside the locators is in blue. If they’re backwards it will be red.

Thanks for the quick response.

Within two minutes of posting I found them! Why does it always do that? Search for ages for something, post a question then within seconds find the answers yourself!!! :blush:

I hate it when that happens!! :laughing:

Locators - Click here http://home.comcast.net/~halljack505/pwpimages/Locators%201.PNG

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