Exporting files or project

New at the exporting thing. How do you export files so I can email them to another studio to import into a different program? Midi files as well? I need to be able to send and receive the same project interstate and to and from a different program. Thanks in advance!

Probably audio. Unless you are absolutely sure they have the same plugins as you, its doubtful they can take the midi. Mark your audio with timecode. Or, you can use OMF format to allow the audio to automatically line up, but its crucial that your timecode settings match the system you are sending too. Also, OMF can be buggy and can have compatibility issues…sure-fire way is wav files with timecode stamps

Thanks! I’ll give it a try. It would be cool if I could send the midi perfomance info, not neccesarily the outputted instrument info. We would be looking at different plug-ins anyway.

For sending midi, you have two options. If you are going into another CB system. You can use export selected tracks. This remembers the instrument prest, the midi info, chanel settings and a bunch of other stuff. If you select export midi,file, only the midi data is preserved, not the instrument info.