Exporting Flows

I’ve just exported a single Flow from a large work. (It’s one aria from an opera.) The complete opera is 272 pages.

When I open the exported Flow (as a new document), I get all the overrides of the original layout! So I get all the Flow heading changes, Page number changes, Master page changes etc, etc. So there are still 272 pages, with all but the first 6 being blank.

Is this expected behaviour? The music didn’t appear in its ‘original’ page location, so even if there were overrides that applied to the Flow in the full score, they wouldn’t be on the right pages in the new document. It is of course easy to fix by Removing all overrides, etc.

I would expect an exported Flow to inherit the default Layout of its source project. It might be nice for relevant overrides to get copied over, but there may be unforeseen difficulties with that.

It is the expected behaviour, yes. Better to keep those overrides and allow you to remove them in Engrave mode than to definitely throw them away and risk you being cross about it.

Daniel, if page overrides are preserved in flow export when the page numbers change, why not when a page is inserted or deleted?

Dan, the page numbers and overrides are preserved entirely, but the music flows from page 1. So, because it lacks all the preceding flows, the music is in the ‘wrong’ place for the overrides.