Exporting/freezing changes FX settings

When exporting some audio mixdowns, the FX settings in instruments such as Halion Sonic SE and Retrologue sometimes change.

As an example, I currently have a small project using Halion Sonic SE with the preset ‘Albedo’ - this preset has built in delay; when freezing the instrument or exporting as an audio mixdown, the delay time changes to a much longer setting.
To get back the original delay time I have to reload the preset, but the problem recurs.

To work round it I have to turn the delay mix right down and add a delay plugin to the channel.

Not the end of the world but clearly something is amiss?

Further to this, even when adding effects to the aux slots within Halion (Sonic SE) the problem occurs.

I know for a fact that this happens on two seperate systems, one Mac and one PC - anyone else having the same problem?