Exporting from Master Preset Track Cubase 6.5

I am trying to Export 6 separate Track-Songs , all of them are in the same Project window. I’ve pulled up the preset Master Project window, the track is named Mixdown. How do I put 6 songs on separate tracks for a CD. I hope I explaining this right. Do I Have to make 6 different Preset Mastering Pojects , so that each Song has the Preset Mixdown Track ? THANKS Rev.

I don’t know what you meen by " track-songs, but the correct procedure is: make shure cubase plays what you want to export(set the left and right locators accordingly) check your levels ( maybe put 16 bit ditther and a limiter on the masterfader to prevent " overshoots " ). To render your mix to an audiofile that can be used to burn a cd: chose 16 bit/ stereo file, and remember the location where you save the file. Goto file>>export to start.

Repeat this for every song/ track you want on the cd. ( you need to set audiotype and location ony once, the first time). Now use any cdburning software to burn your audio to cd. Note that cubase cannot burn audio cd’s itself.

Hope this helps, Jurgen

Thanks for that info. :slight_smile:
I’m rather new to this, and not to mention 52,. When I said Track songs, I had loaded the Master Preset Poject page, then I dragged 6 completed mixes on 6 separate tracks added a few plugings on the Output Fader, and Exported using Batch to a Desktop folder I created, each song was there But only the first Track/song played back.
So using your suggestion, I just Exported them one at a time… Thanks
By the way Is it someway to comunicate with you in the future, if I have some more Questions ? I could use some knowlegeable inputs… :question: :question: Thanks again and God Bless

I suggest you read the manual and/or lookup some video’s for explanation first, then post on this forum if you still have questions. In case of emergency you could send me a p.m. ( personal message) trough this forum, but I cannot guarantee I will or can answer this…

Kind regards, Jurgen