Exporting global layers en midi instrument with song

I have saved a song from a project with all settings. When loading the same song in a new project all layers are also imported per part but no VST instruments are connected. The global layers aren’t connected . The external instruments are connected only at layer level. Is there a way to get all settings exported with a song? Or am I doing something wrong. See video

You need to save the entire project using “File/Save Archive” if you want to include all assets (media files like audio, midi, tempo…).
A Save Song option with assets has been requested before and is on our list.
You can save the Song and copy assets that it uses, but those are not easy to spot.

Thanks for the reaction. Hopefully you guys can implement this in the near future

We have added it to the next version, give it a try.

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Love it! Makes more sense to me this way. Thanks

I’m just worried with this screen. What happens if you click don’t show again? How do you get back this functionality?

All „Dont show again“ messages can be re-enabled in edit/preferences/user interface.

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Check the „Messages“ tab.

I see… it activates a list of messages that are not shown