Exporting graphics for drum books

Hello, Can I be directed to the most current info about exporting graphics.
I write drum books for publication and I’ve used Sibelius to do so.
I bought Dorico two years ago, but haven’t had time to start using it.
I still use Sibelius 7.5.3 and it does the job perfectly, and I’m used to the way Sibelius exports eps files, My iMac is getting old, so I’m wondering if there would be a way to use the newer version of Dorico in the way I use Sibelius.

Is this useful as a starting point?

The link is for Dorico v4, not sure which version you have but the old manuals are still there:

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Yes, graphic slices are the way to go. I recently published a piano method book with about 450 graphics from Dorico, and I used graphic slices. You can export as PDF or SVG, whichever works best for your situation. For me, PDFs into InDesign was incredibly easy.

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@dan_kreider quick question, where some graphics need to be the same size for consistency, do you use one graphic and resize all to that before placement? Do you have tricks where you want the staves to be the same size even though different graphics might have a different number of systems?

I have Dorico 3.5

Thanks for the links !


I use inDesign too but plan to use Affinity Publisher.

No particular workflow. It just depends on what is needed.

Typically I find it’s much more important to have a consistent staff size, and never resize the graphic.

Thank you Dan :slight_smile: