Exporting Guitar TAB XML


  1. Can you export TAB xml at all? (That maintains correct frets)
  2. Can you export an xml guitar part to include notation and TAB? (as two independent instruments - the way sib/fin does it)

I love how the TAB and notation are linked in Dorico! However, my job requires that I export XML with TAB and notation (solo guitar).

My workaround has been to save a ‘xml copy’ - then duplicate the music on to a second guitar part displaying TAB only (can hide chord symbols etc.), I then take the TAB out of the original part.

However, Dorico doesn’t seem to export TAB at all - when I import it into the company software it appears as notation, and then of course when I convert it to TAB I lose all the positioning info as it defaults to the lowest position. (At least I save some time not having to delete chord symbols though!)

Redoing all the tab is a huge pain that I’d love to avoid… Am I missing something obvious?
Any help is much appreciated!


I believe you’re quite right that at present Dorico does not export tablature at all. I’m really sorry about that! It’s definitely something that we need to address, and I’ll talk to my colleagues in the team about bumping it up the priority list.


Thanks Daniel!