Exporting/Importing flows problem?

I’ve been moving selected flows between projects by using the ‘Export/Import’ flow feature. But it seems that not everything is exported (or imported). and I don’t see a place to adjust that.

I used two voices to input alternative fingerings (perhaps not the best solution, but it’s what I did). The original looks like this

And the exported version looks like this:

Not a big deal but there are a LOT of measures that now need adjusting.

Thanks for any suggestions!

You may find the following method yields better results:

  1. Use System Track or Select All to grab an entire flow in source project.
  2. Copy.
  3. Switch to destination project.
  4. Create a new flow.
  5. Paste into new flow.

I seem to remember that it’s less reliable if any properties have been set locally, and that therefore all properties should be propagated (which effectively makes them global) before copying. It’s been at least a year since I last had to work like this (and certainly in an earlier version of Dorico) so this may no longer be accurate.

Thanks, Leo, but this doesn’t seem to work. I’m probably not propagating the properties correctly, I’ve never needed to fool with that. I select Edit->propagate properties (and I read in the docs that this is mode specific, so I do in both write and engrave mode), then copy/paste and the result is the same as the export/import flow.

Try Selecting All (in Write mode), then switch to Engrave mode, then Propagate Properties, then head back to Write mode to copy.

Hang on: It looks like the 2nd voice hasn’t come through. Check whether there really are two voices.

Then make sure that the Notation Option to show unisons as one notehead is on.

Thank you, Leo! That works much better! It still doesn’t copy all the stuff I would like (such as the relative position of fingering and slurs), but it’s much better!

You’re the wizard, as always!

Hmm. I’d expect the overrides (or at least those performed in the properties panel) to come through correctly. It could be that the defaults differ between the source project and the destination project. The new Library Manager (on the Library menu) should show you the differences and allows you to quickly copy all or some of the default settings from one project to the other.