exporting in wav results in clipping

after creating a song in cubase 6.5 i exported it out in diff formats and heres the results

1.) .wav 16 bit = clipping here and there and random pops but everything sounds fine in the DAW

2.) .wav 32 bit = same results as above

3.) only when i export in mp3 44khz 160 kpbs everything was clear and like what i hear in the DAW,i used 256 samples for the asio buffer size throughout all the formats

any help is appreciated thanks ppl


So you change anything else, except the WAV to MP3? Did you exported online (Realtime), or offline (non-realtime)? Can you describe your Project Settings, and Mixdown settings a little?


hi i tried exporting in both real time and nonrealtime for both mp3 and wav,the mp3 is always fine but the .wav file always has distortion,i freezed my 2 vst tracks and turned off my anti virus when i exported my song but still there is a problem,i did my song entirely using VSTs and i recorded everything to audio.

I didnt export with my audio interface (a steinberg cl1) plugged in could that also be a source of problem?

i used my asio4all v2 driver and chose a 256 samples buffer size

any help is appreciated thanks!

No need to export with the CI plugged in. Have you tried dithering when exporting at lower bit depths. If you recorded your Ci with ASIO4ALL at 256 samples, you would have pops and clicks in the original file.