exporting individual parts from a player?

hi there – I wrote a bunch of percussion parts for one “player” but now I’m being asked to separate those parts into individual players – what’s a good way of doing this?

thank you!

Are these in a kit or separate instruments?

If they’re separate instruments:

  1. Create a new player.
  2. In Setup mode, drag and drop the relevant instruments from one player to the other.

If they’re in a kit:

  1. Create a new player.
  2. Edit the existing Kit.
  3. Cmd/Ctrl+click each of the instruments that need to go into the second player.
  4. Click the “Remove Instrument From Kit” button (it’s the third one along at the bottom, above “Export kit”). Note that these now show as separate instruments under your original Player.
  5. Drag the existing Kit onto your new player.
  6. Right-click on the player with multiple instruments and click “Combine Instruments Into Kit”.

In each case, double-check your work - you may find that you lose various textual instructions and dynamics along the way, depending on how the percussion was originally presented.