Exporting instrument audio files in score order?

Is it possible to export audio files from instruments in score order?

I am trying to export audio files from a score, but they are always exported in the order of the creation of the instrument. This means I have to manually re-number them in score order in my filesystem so they can be in order.

If I could export the files in score order, then I could sort them by timestamp without a problem.

Any ideas/workarounds?

jimlapbap, I don’t know wether this might work: Do a “Renumber Layouts” first and then do the Export?

I don’t think any workaround is possible at the moment, but it’s a reasonable request that Dorico should export the players to be exported in score order, so we’ll try to implement that in a future update.

On the same note, is it possible to expand the export players scroll down? For me it shows only four players at a time, making it difficult to navigate it and pick the players. Also, it’d be awesome to add an option to select only the players in the specified flow.