Exporting libretto for surtitles

I’m preparing an opera libretto for surtitles. When exporting the lyrics from Dorico, I get a text file in which the lyrics are grouped per singer, in alphabetical order. This means that whoever sings first does not necessarily come first in the exported text file. Also, the lyrics are grouped in such a way that all dialog that happens in the opera is gone; Dorico disregards the chronology of the lyrics.
Is there a way to export the lyrics in the order in which they are sung?

There surely is not, currently.

A libretto usually exists as a source document before the music composition. Where did you get the words from in this case?

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Sure, I have the libretto as a text file, but during composing I’ve made quite a few changes. In order to have the exact text used in the score it would be great if Dorico could export it in chronological order. I seem to remember Sibelius does this (not sure). Anyway, thanks for your answer, I guess I’ll just do it manually then.

If you made changes in the words while you were setting them to music, then you should go back and change the libretto text so the two are consistent. It isn’t Dorico’s mission to print out the libretto (or sur/subtitles); Dorico’s mission is music notation.