Exporting Mapping Pages for Novation Launchkey MK3 49

Hopefully I’ll explain this in a way that makes the answer easier to come by. Being relatively new to Cubase, I may not know the exact terminology for some aspects of the program or functions. Here goes.

I own a Novation Launchkey MKIII 49 keyboard controller. I am currently using it on a Mac (Monterey) and recently created a new mapping page titled “Launchkey for Tracking” where I assigned my own functions to several keys.

That means that I now have TWO mapping pages. One is named “default” which has all the Cubase standard issue functions for my keyboard (factory default) and the second page that I created for my own functions.

I want to export both of those mapping pages together to use in my PC, or at least the custom one I created, so that I can use Cubase there to do my tracking.

Can someone tell me how to do the export and import process? I have fumbled around a bit and the basic tutorials don’t tell you anything about the mapping assistant except how to set it up for one page; no mention of exporting it to another machine or creating more than one mapping page for that matter.

Does anyone here have experience with this kind of procedure? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I thought I might have solved this problem, but no…

I noticed the export script function in the main MIDI Remote window on the novation icon.

I exported the tracking map page and took it to my PC where I tried to “Import” this script where Cubase says “import script.”

But it didn’t work. I just kept getting the default mapping that comes with Cubase. So I still need help. Someone? Anyone?

I solved this problem by transferring the novation(.json) file from the user folder in the MIDI remote section of my documents folder on both the Mac and PC. You can find the info within the posts from the link below.