Exporting MIDI from Cubase le 5

I have a midi keyboard that I used to track drums on in Cubase, and when I export it the midi isn’t in there. the manual along with other posts ive read say that you have to make the midi output the same as an audio track input or something along those lines. however, this doesn’t work because the only input and output that shows up is my midi keyboard. Adding inputs or outputs doesn’t work because the keyboard is all it will connect to. I NEED the midi because its my drum track. I did export it by itself then exported it again (without really knowing what im doing) and it only recorded the regular piano, not recognizing that in Cubase I have it set to a drum track. I also have 3 different midi tracks, and none will connect to anything beside the keyboard as the output.

So what I need is an explanation on how to export those three tracks together and as drums so I can import into the song I need it to be in.

Also, the midi tracks only play if my keyboard (which is usb) is plugged in. idk if that’s relevant or not.

It sounds like you are trying to create an audio file of your MIDI. “Exporting MIDI” would normally refer creating a new .mid file from the sequence. It sounds like you are trying to convert MIDI to audio. First, let’s note that MIDI is only data, it is not the actual sound you hear. In the most basic sense, MIDI tells a sound module what notes to play and when to play them. It sounds like you are using your keyboard as both the MIDI controller and as the sound module to hear playback. You have two options:

  1. Connect the audio output from your keyboard to the audio input of your sound card. Then record the keyboard’s output onto a new audio track. This way the actual audio will be inside Cubase and you will be able to then create an audio mixdown.


  1. Go to Project, Add Track, and add an Instrument track. Set it to Halion One. Inside Halion One, set the sound to a Piano sound. Now drag your MIDI data for the “piano” part to that Instrument track (be sure you are dragging it in exactly the same time location by holding in “CTRL” (PC) or “COMMAND” (Mac) when you drag it).

  2. Repeat step 2 for each of the instrument sounds you want to hear setting Halion One to the corresponding desired sound.

  3. Now set your L and R locators to the start and end of the project, then go to File, Export, Audio Mixdown. Now you should be able to create an audio file with the sounds from Halion One.

    I hope this information is helpful.