Exporting midi of selected staves

I’m currently creating a piece that has a mix of acoustic and midi instruments, is there a way of exporting midi files of selected staves, rather than all staves?

If you temporarily position a layout that only contains those players at the top of the Layouts panel in Setup mode, only the players in that layout get exported as MIDI.

E.g. you could add a new part layout, assign a few players to it, then move the layout to the top of the list.

I think that as of Dorico 4, it’s the active layout rather than the layout at the top of the Layouts panel that determines what is exported, so creating a layout that contains only the tracks you want to export and having that be the active layout (i.e. the one you’re looking at in the active window) should do the trick.


Thank you, this worked! Can I check if I can also use this method to selectively export audio?

Yes, I believe so.