Exporting MIDI: separate playing techniques in different tracks


When Dorico 1 appeared I read there was an option for exporting midi files in which you can separate different articulations and playing techniques in several tracks. I haven’t read it again and I couldn’t find something like that, Are there any option related to it?

Thank you very much

It’s not currently possible to export each technique to a separate track, but I think you might be able to use a ChannelSwitch in an expression map to change the channel that gets written to the file (I haven’t tried this though)

Does it mean that I can assign several midi channels to a unique instrument? E.g. I have a Kontakt window with:

  • midi channel 1: violin section legato
  • midi channel 2: violin section staccato
  • midi channel 3: violin section pizzicato

    Can a Dorico’s single instrument be related with multiple midi channels?

Yes, provided your expression map is set up that way.

Thank you for your answer, Daniel. I’m trying to configure an expression map in this way but I don’t know how to get it. Must I use ‘program change’, ‘absolute channel change’ or ‘relative channel change’? Anything else? I’m completely lost.

I would suggest you use an absolute channel change, since you know you want legato on channel 1, staccato on channel 2 and pizzicato on channel 3. Assign each technique to each channel as desired in your expression map, and make sure that you have the appropriate patch loaded into the right channel in Kontakt.

First of all: Thank you for your answer. I tried to use “absolute program change” and it works apparently.

Now the problem is: I don’t know how to change playing techniques so that they also change in playback mode.

Bars 1, 3 and 4 works but not the rest.

Bars 5 and 6 are playing back with ‘Natural’ rather than col legno. I think this because you don’t have a mutual exclusion group defined. In Dorico 3.5 this will be created for you automatically, but if you are using Dorico 3.1 then you’ll need to create a mutual exclusion group including the basic bowing techniques: natural, bowed, pizz, col legno and spiccato.

You may also need to make sure that you have connected the appropriate playing technique appearance designed in Engrave > Playing Techniques with the right playback playing technique, which is how the notation in the score is connected to switches etc. in the expression map used for playback.

I’m trying to create a new expression map with 5 different playing techniques: natural, spiccato, pizzicato, trill half step and harmonics. Each technique in a different kontakt midi channel (1 to 5 respectively). I’ve created too a mutual exclusion group containing natural, trill and harmonics. Channels 1, 2 and 3 work perfectly.

Otherwise I created two new playing techniques, ‘trill half step’ and ‘artificial harmonic’, connected to their playback playing techniques.

I’ve added these two techniques in the score but still don’t work. They don’t even appear in play mode.

Obviously I’m still doing something wrong but I don’t know what.

If they don’t appear in Play mode that does normally suggest a problem with the mutual exclusion groups. Do you want to attach a simple project here?

I’ve just add spiccato and pizzicato to the mutual exclusion group and it works. That was the conflict. Thank you very much!