Exporting MIDI tracks including the tempo track data

Hi Guys,

Hoping you can help - I need to export some MIDI tracks from a specific project, to open the MIDI data up in Logic.

The project has about 10 tracks, and was recorded without a click (it’s an orchestral project) - I mapped the click to the music later.

As a result it has a lot of tempo changes across the project.

How can I export the tempo map from Cubase to Logic? Would each of the MIDI tracks contain the tempo map, or is this data not included in exported MIDI?
Alternately, could I record a “dummy” audio track in the Cubase project, and export that to Logic too (I believe this would include tempo map data… although again I’m not dead sure).

I would be grateful for any advice anyone can offer!


Just export the project as a midi file and then open it with Logic. The midi file will contain the tempo info. If you are trying to get it into a specific logic template then you will have to copy the tempo and bar information from the opened midi file (in Logic) to your logic template. You can use the import session file function (after you’ve saved the file) or just use copy and paste from the tempo and time sig event lists between the projects with them both open.

Perfect - thanks heaps!

Out of interest, does exporting the project as a MIDI file bundle all the MIDI tracks in the project into one export, which can then be brought into another DAW? Or would I need to export each MIDI track individually?

Cheers and thanks again for your help.


I believe in Cubase your only option is to export all tracks at once as a single MIDI file. other DAWs let you export individual tracks as separate MIDI files. There are two types of MIDI files, type 0 and type 1. I believe you want type 1 which is a multitrack file… I think 0 bundles all MIDI data into a single track.

Brilliant - thanks heaps!

Will give it a try when I am back in the studio!